Pre Employment Background Screening
NSS Investigations investigates the background of potential candidates for your company. Know WHO you are hiring!

Civil Investigations
NSS Investigations has worked for both sides in civil litigations. We have assisted attorneys with proving a claim for damages as well as worked for insurance companies to show a client really has no legitimate claim.

Crimnal Defense Investigations
Our Services have been utilized by top Defense Attorneys to take statements from witnesses or investigate and interview new witnesses. We additionally provide case file review to determine areas of weak or insufficient investigation or failure to follow proper police procedures.

Witness Interviews
Detailed sworn statements or interviews and screening of potential new witnesses. NSS has the experience and training to conduct investigation for any type of criminal defense.

NSS Investigations has numerous data bases and law enforcement contacts to locate individuals missing or hiding. From finding fugitives to locating runaway juveniles, NSS can accomplish your goal.

Child Custody
Matrimonial cases often require proof of the facts as many spouses paint a picture in court, very different from the truth.

Process Services
We serve subpoenas and divorce papers.

NSS has expertise in conducting surveillances and documenting the facts. We utilize digital photography and ultraviolet video to prove your case.

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Fax - (609) 737-2048

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